Collaborative palletizing system

The Laboro robotic cell is designed to work side by side with the company's operators, as it incorporates a collaborative robot and safety systems that ensure safety in the work area and maximize production.

This system picks up a product and stacks it on a pallet autonomously, without the help of any operator. It works autonomously and uninterruptedly, with high repetition accuracy, and adapts to all types of shapes and materials. Palletizing robots are often used at the end of production lines, preparing products for convenient distribution.

Maximum safety

Its sensors are sensitive and trigger an immediate safety stop when touching someone.


Easy to transport and place in multiple positions, it adapts to any work environment and can be palletized both left and right.

Other characteristics of this robotic cell are the system's reliability, its precision and the ease with which it can be repaired in the case of any failure. The artificial vision integrated allows it to work optimally and with perfect precision without the help of any human.

Laboro allows palletizing both on the left and on the right side of the system and adapts to all types of pallets. In addition, the small dimensions of the system make it easy and comfortable to transport. Its versatility and speed of operation provide a high performance.

Within automation, palletizing robots are undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective proposals for companies. In addition, thanks to the safety system that Laboro incorporates, accidents and injuries among workers will be prevented.

Renting and Pay-per-Use options.

  • Is your production seasonal?
  • Having trouble finding staff?
  • Is the initial investment a barrier?
  • Do you have doubts and want to try it before investing?

In EDS Robotics we have Renting and Pay-per-use options that adapt to your needs, eliminating the barriers that many SMEs face when deciding to automate production processes.