EDS Robotics

Specialists in the design and development of advanced technological solutions, integrating the latest technology such as artificial vision, robotics and industrial automation.
More than 20 years of experience in industrial robotics.

The growth of the AI machine vision department has enabled the robotics industry to reach new levels of learning and decision making, bringing higher quality and added value to the product.

For this reason, we continue to take up the new challenges that customers, who are increasingly informed and educated about the benefits that machine vision can bring to their businesses, demand of us.


From the beginning, we have remained faithful to our mission to maintain and promote the competitiveness of our customers and suppliers through technological and industrial innovation.

The main objective of EDS Robotics is to combine the experience acquired after more than 20 years working in a pioneering sector in the implementation of automation systems, with the introduction of innovative solutions that satisfy the needs of all types of industrial sectors in a new 4.0 scenario.

The identity of our company is based on three fundamental values:

  • Innovation: Investment in R&D is the main pillar on which all the company's strategies are based, being a key factor for the development of projects that improve the competitiveness, efficiency and safety of our customers.
  • Team: It is impossible for us to separate innovation from human value, which is why we have opted for the creation of a work team made up of highly qualified professionals with full knowledge of the latest developments in the sector.
    In our facilities, engineers and programmers work together with technicians in the design, manufacture and integration of each project.

  • Quality: The knowledge and professionalism of our employees, combined with an optimal working environment, are the main reason for the high quality of our technological solutions.

Our Commitment

  • Security

  • Health

  • Quality

  • Environment

    We are committed to the health and safety of our employees and have established a Safety and Health Management System developed and certified under the ISO 45001 Standard. In addition, we are in the process of implementing the Quality Management System, under the ISO 9001 Standard, and the Environmental Management System, under the ISO 14001 Standard, whose values are considered essential pillars of our company.