EDS Robotics

Specialists in the design and development of advanced technological solutions, integrating the latest technology such as artificial vision, robotics and industrial automation.
More than 20 years of experience in industrial robotics.

The growth of the AI machine vision department has enabled the robotics industry to reach new levels of learning and decision making, bringing higher quality and added value to the product.

For this reason, we continue to take up the new challenges that customers, who are increasingly informed and educated about the benefits that machine vision can bring to their businesses, demand of us.


From the beginning, we have remained faithful to our mission to maintain and promote the competitiveness of our customers and suppliers through technological and industrial innovation.

The main objective of EDS Robotics is to combine the experience acquired after more than 20 years working in a pioneering sector in the implementation of automation systems, with the introduction of innovative solutions that satisfy the needs of all types of industrial sectors in a new 4.0 scenario.

The identity of our company is based on three fundamental values:

  • Innovation: Investment in R&D is the main pillar on which all the company's strategies are based, being a key factor for the development of projects that improve the competitiveness, efficiency and safety of our customers.
  • Team: It is impossible for us to separate innovation from human value, which is why we have opted for the creation of a work team made up of highly qualified professionals with full knowledge of the latest developments in the sector.
    In our facilities, engineers and programmers work together with technicians in the design, manufacture and integration of each project.

  • Quality: The knowledge and professionalism of our employees, combined with an optimal working environment, are the main reason for the high quality of our technological solutions.

Our Commitment

  • Security

  • Health

  • Quality

  • Environment

    We are committed to the health and safety of our employees and have established a Safety and Health Management System developed and certified under the ISO 45001 Standard. In addition, we are in the process of implementing the Quality Management System, under the ISO 9001 Standard, and the Environmental Management System, under the ISO 14001 Standard, whose values are considered essential pillars of our company.

    Our Evolution

    • 1997 - 2009From Juanmar to EDS Alimentaria

      The company's beginnings date back to 1997, where the industrial boom required greater specialisation and demands for high production levels created the need to automate processes that do not add value to the product. Due to the company's Levantine location, links were soon established with companies in the agri-food sector throughout the southern part of the province.
      The dwindling labour force made it absolutely necessary to start thinking about new processes in order to be able to supply the quantities of fruit and vegetables that the international market demanded. For this reason, our immediate commitment was to provide a human team capable of solving their problems and achieving the objectives set to meet the requirements of our customers.
    • 2009Name change: EDS Robotics

      Years later, after more than 1,200 automation installations, at more than 300 customers, there began to be a demand for automation from other sectors who heard about our vision and robotics applications. We had maintained the old manual production processes so far. It was then that EDS Robotics was born, a company created to give value to technical specialisation, to offer the best engineered solution for the demands of industry.
    • 2015Creation of the R&D area

      Undoubtedly, today the differentiation of our company is the key to its success. This is possible thanks to a highly qualified programming department, a team of fully involved assemblers and integrators and a technical office with mechanical, industrial and electrical engineers.
      Besides the creation of the R&D area, we decided to create an in-house Deep Learning lab with our own programmers, applying the know-how to our applications and systems, thus increasing their performance and efficiency.
    • 2016Obtaining the Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence

      We developed an R&D project for Horizon 2020, part of the European Union's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, for which we were awarded the Seal of Excellence.
    • 2017Birth of R&VT

      Due to the high demand for machine vision and artificial intelligence applications, the company decided to create, in 2017, Robotics & Vision Technologies (R&VT). An AI-Machine Vision team with years of experience in different applications and capable of solving applications that had not been considered feasible to date.
        Logo R&VT
    • 2018 - 2020Company expansion

      Due to the needs of our customers, we decided to open new branches in the Levant, the Atlantic and the South in order to provide a technical service close to our facilities.
      In 2018 we attended our first international trade fair as an exhibitor. This was the Tire Technology Expo 2018 in Hannover.
      During this period, we also expanded the EDS Robotics headquarters. We acquired three new industrial buildings and increased our production capacity by 40%.
    • 2019Birth of Tekvisa

      We decided to incorporate a new branch in Portugal, under the name of Tekvisa, with the aim of providing both technical and commercial service to our customers and new customers in the area, as a business expansion strategy.
          logo TEKVISA
    • 2020 - 2025International expansion. New branches: USA, Germany and South Africa

      Both in recent years and in the years to come, in order to better satisfy the needs of our customers and to try to help more of them, the company is expanding internationally, forming new branches in the USA, Germany and South Africa.