More than 20 years of experience in
Industrial Robotics

EDS is an engineering dedicated to design and develop integrations with the highest technology, such as Artificial Vision, Robotics and Industrial Automation.

“We want to continue being a referent inside Industrial Robotics field”

Since the firm was set up, we have been loyal to the aim of maintaining and promoting the competitiveness of our clients and suppliers though technological and industrial innovation. .



EDS ROBOTICS emerged in 2009 with the aim of diversifying the activity of EDS Alimentaria adding to the fabrication of processed food machinery, the design and fabrication of advanced technological solutions for other sectors.

This change meant a strategic transformation of the company, moving to a new philosophy based on innovation, know-how and quality in products and processes.

The main achievement of EDS Robotics has been joining the experience acquired from more than 20 years working for a pioneer sector implementing automated systems, with the introduction of innovative solutions which satisfy the needs of all kind of industrial sectors in the new environment 4.0.



The investment in research and development (R&D) is the main base over which are supported all the firm strategies. It is a key factor for the development of projects which improve competitiveness, efficiency and security.

EDS Robotics was pioneering in its sector with the HAND-MAN, an original system of self-programming of robots using artificial vision technology.

The project was financed jointly by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and the European Regional Development Fund, inside their budget for R&D projects.

“For EDS Robotics our customers are the most important asset”



For EDS Robotics it is impossible to distinguish between innovation and human value, because of that we have bet on the training of a team formed by high qualified professionals, with full knowledge of the last changes into its sector.
  • University workers 60%
  • Qualified technicians40%

“Our staff is built by: 60% of university workers and 40% of qualified technicians”

One of our main keys is the collaboration, due to that engineers and programmers co-work with technicians in design, manufacturing and integration processes of each project.
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