QTC Inspector

Quality Tire Control

Thanks to QTC Inspector technology, 20 tires will be checked every minute, which will exponentially increase the productivity of your business. In addition, you will avoid complaints from your customers due to dirty or scraped medallion, as well as double dot, blurred dot or dot with lack of color area, which will help you to be much more efficient.

This system is capable, in just 3 seconds, of inspecting your tires using 3D cameras that will be able to analyze them:

  • The Week/Year/DOT of manufacture of the tire.
  • The mold number used and its respective mold plane number.
  • The tire size.
  • The speed index (maximum speed).

As a pioneering company in the introduction of Deep Learning applications, the QTC Inspector is equipped with this type of technique thanks to a large team of programmers. This allows it to recognize tire faults in a matter of seconds and without the need for human intervention.

The data collected is not only used to detect tire failures, but is also stored, thus generating a large database, also known as Big Data.