AI Surface SCAN

Inspección de bobinasSistema de inspección de bobinas

Coil inspection system

The AI Surface SCAN machine vision system is capable of detecting possible defects on both sides of the coil, regardless of the coil material. Furthermore, it is a multi-sector system, as it can be used in various sectors such as textile, steel/aluminum, leather or plastic film.

Its inspection capacity is 40 meters of coil per minute, with an accuracy of approximately 0.2 millimeters. Once defects are detected, it classifies the product as "saleable" or "unsaleable" based on customer attributes. At the end of the inspection, the system is able to generate a report with the location of all defects and their typology.

The high precision offered by the artificial vision incorporated in this system allows:

  • Eliminate human error.
  • Continuous display of the product.
  • Identify defects of all sizes.
  • Inspect both sides of the product at the same time.