Automatic Bale Mixer Feeder

Rubber mixing system

Automatic Bale Mixer Feeder is an automatic process that will increase your productivity, reducing the duration of the material mixing process and replacing operators with a robot.

This system will be in charge, from the moment the containers arrive, of analyzing the contents of the box, using a 3D/2D vision system, and extracting the suitable pieces to deposit them on a conveyor belt that will advance until it enters a guillotine, which will cut the piece according to the chosen quantity. Once cut, the material will continue along the conveyor belt until it reaches the end of the process, where the materials will be mixed.

The machine is capable of weighing, cutting and sizing each bale according to the formula specification requested by the Mixer.

The robot is capable of working with up to 4 containers of different types of rubber, which makes it possible to apply this system with different materials in turn in the same formula. In addition, thanks to artificial vision, the robot will detect the plastic deposited between the different rubber bales and remove it.

"Autobale" is a robust machine, with software based on neural networks, trained by our technicians with more than 50,000 different rubber bales. Thanks to the introduction of Deep Learning and the work of our programmers, this process can be carried out with almost no human intervention.