Areas of business

EDS Robotics has a multi-sector profile

We manufacture applications that bring solutions to all kinds of industrial organizations.


List of
projects carried out according to the sector of activity

EDS Robotics has commercial experience in all sectors of activity, being a reference in robotics and artificial intelligence..


  • Robotic line for picking tartlets.
  • Robotic cabin for the placement of caps.
  • Packing line of jelly beans bags.
  • Packing cell of tomatoes in tubs.
  • Celery cut line.
  • Line of lettuce distilled.


  • Robotic case packer for pharma products.
  • Packaging system for pharma products.


  • Vision system and tyre width measurement.


  • Automated line for mounting luminaires.
  • Taps inspection table.
  • Machining and drilling of shafts.
  • Blister wrapping line.
  • Robotic cell for depalletizing and overturning boxes.
  • Complete line for bagging and palletizing bags.
  • Robot for depalletizing and overturning of boxes.
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